Radiograph Repository

The Legacy Sale Radiograph Repository

1. Legacy Sale Radiograph Requirements
Radiographs are required for all yearlings in the Friday and Saturday sales.
Radiographs must be taken within 60 days of the sale, and must be submitted by
September 15th, 2024.

The required views are:

  • Lateral to medial, and two navicular views (60 degree DP and skyline/flexor
    view) of both front feet
  • 4 standard views of hocks (LM, DLPMO, DP, DMPLO)
  • 2 views of stifles (PLDMO, PA)
  • Lateral to medial view of all 4 fetlock

The above 22 views are required for the repository. Any additional views can also be
submitted. Only those accompanied by licensed veterinarians will have access to the radiographs
in the repository.

2. Asteris Radiograph Repository Submission:

The following is the Keystone Community link for Veterinarians submitting images into the 2024 Legacy Sale:


  • Please click on or copy and paste the entire link into Internet Explorer of the workstation that you will be using. You will be prompted through the installation as you progress and it will ask you to create a new user account for yourself. For current Asteris Keystone customers, please contact Asteris directly to have the Legacy Sale added to your account.
  • For first time Repository users and troubleshooting, the following is a PDF file Repository submission guide to use if needed: Keystone Community Repository.pdf
  • For technical difficulties uploading, please contact Asteris at (877) 727-8374 or
  • For issues with Repository content (IE discrepancies in entries, name changes, exc.), please email the Legacy Sale at

3. Asteris Radiography Repository Access:

For veterinarians planning on using the Repository to view radiographs, The Legacy Sale will approve users and assign a username and password. We ask that all requests be submitted no later than SEPTEMBER 15th to sellalegacy@gmail.comFor those with existing Asteris accounts, please send your current user information and we will have you added to our account. For new users, please submit the following information for approval:

  • First & Last Name
  • Practice Name & Address
  • License Number and State
  • Direct Email
  • Phone Number

We would like to remind everyone that Repository access is for licensed veterinarians representing buyers ONLY, and all information contained is strictly confidential. The Sale Company retains the right to deny any veterinarian access at any time, for any reason.